3.- El Ferrocarril Valladolid - Ariza

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  Six years after the first edition, his author, Pedro Pintado proposes us a new discovery of this emblematic Castilian railroad. Though they have changed few things into the line - unfortunately the facilities are still closed and raised partly of the tour – during these years there have been compiled new information and new photographies that have encouraged us to edit this second edition with new format, adding also more pages (up to coming to 224).
  The line of the railroad of Valladolid to Ariza, inaugurated in the year 1885 and closed to the passengers' traffic in the year 1984 it was undoubtedly one of most forgotten in Renfe's network. Foreseen his closing at the beginning of the 70 and though it was saved from a premature closing, investments of importance were not realized and it was falling little by little in the inertia of the "secondary" lines in Renfe up to his closing for travelers' traffic in one of few transverse lines of the network, coming to the definitive closing of the traffic of goods in the decade of the 90. Some kilometres stay only in functioning in the surroundings of Valladolid and of Aranda de Duero for the traffic of goods for a few industrial polygons.


Date of publication: 2001 (2nd edition)
Language: Spanish.
Nº of pages: 224
Author: Pedro Pintado Quintana.
Size: 21 X 27 X 2 cm.
ISBN: 84-930930-2-5


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