40.- Tramvies i troleibusos de Tarragona y Reus

Trams and trolleybuses in Tarragona and Reus

  With the help of Albert González Masip, well known to all those interested in the history of urban transport in our country, the 160-page volume analyzes in detail the various projects to provide this region with the most Modern of the time. Thus, the first part of the work is dedicated to the little-known horse tram that served in Tarragona, from a reasonable early date, on April 9, 1883, until January 1896, when it disappeared from the so-called Tarraconenses, Without being able to adapt to the new times, it came to be studied its electrification.
  The second part of the book focuses on the study of the various projects for the implementation of electric trams that were planted in the field of Tarragona during the first decades of the last century, without any of them finally materializing. Among them, the proposals of Reus to Mont-roig del Camp, from Reus to Tarragona and the proposals of the Reus Company of Trams, stood out.
  Finally, the most extensive part of the book is devoted to the analysis of trolleybuses that, between 1952 and 1973, linked Reus with Tarragona. Under the name of the Reus Interurban Philosophies to Tarragona and Extensions, Sociedad Anónima, Firtesa, a company promoted by the engineer Carlos Emilio Montañés Criquillón, who at the beginning of the century has been one of the main promoters of the Catalonia Railways (Lines From Sarriá to Sabadell and Terrassa), it extended a modest two-line line linking the towns of Reus and Tarragona across the national road and, later, a branch to the Torreforta district of Tarragona. There are several singularities of the service provided by this company, among which, undoubtedly, stand out the implementation of a single pair of cables, which required stop the march and lower the trolleys of one of the trolleybuses, when crossed with another in full Road It is also striking the use of trolleybuses for the transport of goods, something that in the Iberian peninsula was only made, in addition to this line, in those of San Sebastián to Tolosa and in Coruña to Carballo. More peculiar, if possible, the use of trailers for travelers, the unique case in trolleybuses of our country, acquired in France. Its interesting mobile park, as much of new construction as the elegant trolleybuses Vetra, like the one of occasion; 'Gildas' of Barcelona, ??Vetras de Zaragoza, BUTs of two floors of London, not forgetting the annealing of the two trolleybuses as passenger cars, turning a company into one of the most interesting trolleybus services in the country.
  Edition in Catalan language. Review of Juanjo Olaizola in his blog Stories of the train.Historias del tren

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Date of publication: 02/2017
Language: Catalá
Nº of pages: 160
Authors: Albert Gonzàlez i Masip
Size: 27 X 21 X 1 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-944844-2-1


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