8.- Los trenes del Esparto.
Vay-Sud de España. Los autovías Ybern

  The Company of Villena's Economic Railroads to Alcoy to Yecla and Alcudia (VAYA), later Villena-Alcoi-Yecla (VAY) was seeking for the link with the railroad Madrid Alicante in the city of Villena and this way to communicate Alcoi's industrial park.
  After a series of economic problems, the company passed for different hands until it became stable and extended his network towards The Spot (To Jumilla and later to Cieza exploited by a subsidiary of the VAY, that of the South of Spain.). This railway network, of metric route, was connecting in “Muro” with the company of Gandía's railroad, with the one that had narrow relations.
  One of the most excellent characteristics of the company of the F.C. of the VAY was his exploitation with railcars according to the patent Ybern, an innovation led by the “Director-Gerente – Manager” of the company in the 30s. Though they were circulating some locomotives of steam for the lines of the VAY for the services of goods, these small railcars took the weight of the travelers' services up to the closing of the lines, in July, 1969.

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