39.- El Ferrocarril de Tudela a Tarazona

The Tarazonica and sugar factory trains

  We are facing one more of the railways in the Ebro valley, which like the watershed, which affluent go to the main broad gauge lines running parallel to the main channel. In this case, the union of the towns of Tudela and Tarazona is mainly in the vicinity of the river Queiles. The population of Tarazona Zaragoza remained united since 1886 to Tudela, where passed and railway Pamplona to Zaragoza from May 1861. The intermediate populations Murchante, Cascante Tulebras Malón and were benefited by the construction of the line.
North Company managed this small railway gauge metric, from its origins to 1941. In this year, the result of the creation as a state company Renfe charge of all Iberian gauge railway lines, our line was made bottom width of that nationalization was broken off and went on to be managed by EFE, also public body Exploitation of State Railways. This situation lasted until 1952, when the transformation of gauge and improve the route was opened, turning the line into broad gauge branch and passing hired for Renfe. The part of the book devoted to the history of the line also deals with studies and projects for the extension of the line to the Moncayo or populations Borja and Calatayud.
Unfortunately and as in many other railroads similar characteristics, development and competition from road transport, along with economic and productive development of the area, did fall into decay railway, which lent its last passenger service in 1972 and with traffic of increasingly scarce commodities that caused the closure of the line in the mid-80s Fortunately, despite the closure and lift the track, the trace is preserved in its entirety, today fully refurbished as green Way.
In the book describes over five chapters and an epilogue devoted to the greenway, the story line from its genesis to the present, the layout, buildings and stations, engine and moving the material, and exploitation and organization internal. One chapter is devoted entirely to the sugar of Tudela, with a very direct relationship with this railroad, rail and interest in itself, because it had its own rail network and even steam locomotives for indoor service. One of these locomotives Baldwin is known today preserves the Zaragozana Association of Friends of Railway and Streetcar (AZAFT), maintains that in 2016 launched an initiative to get funding for functional restoration. More details on the web www.baldwin.es

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