23.- Locomotoras Diesel (VI)
Las Francesas de vía estrecha (2ª parte)
Alsthom MOP/Feve 1000 y 1600

  This volume of diesel locomotives series will focus on the series 1000 of the Ministry of Public Works, which showed better results Aid Plan in the year 1953. Years later, the railway administration that inherited most of these locomotives, FEVE, extended this series at the beginning of the 80's with a model of the manufacturer Alsthom updated (Series 1600), a model that will also be discussed in this book.
  The MOP / FEVE 1000 and FEVE 1600 belong to a development house French Alsthom to equip you railway track close to those territories that belonged to the sphere of influence of former French colonies, particularly in the African continent or exports to some countries in South America or Asia. Perhaps not on a par with the American multinationals that were, in their time, leaders in the export of diesel locomotives, but the home French Alsthom introduced an interesting alternative in the market in which the networks Spanish track.
  Volume 23 of the collection "Monografías del Ferrocarril", which in turn makes the number VI at the series of diesel locomotives, is the second part and complement the previous issue (22 and V respectively), which was devoted to locomotives manufactured by Bagtinolles and CSO series MOP / FEVE 1200 and Creusot and Naval series MPO / FEVE 1100 traction hydrodiesel and electro-diesel power..

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Date of publication: 2007
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Author: Lluís Prieto i Tur.
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