36.- El Ferrocarril directo de Galicia (Zamora-Ourense-A Coruña) y la compañía MZOV

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  The private railway company Medina Zamora and Orense to Vigo (MZOV) never got his goal of uniting the two pieces by the difficult terrain between Zamora and Ourense. It had to be already public initiative with the network and nationalized, and MZOV converted into public works company, when besides rail unite these two cities, the new route was lengthened to join Ourense to Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña. This form is completed and defined the Galician current rail network, with two connections Iberian gauge with plateau and rest of Spain, linking all provincial capitals and major cities, until recently profile lines and complicated path, single non-electrified track.
  The layout of Sanabria, including Padornelo tunnel, one of the longest of the peninsula railway use, is now starring in his adaptation to the high speed, gradually and from the trunk of Madrid to Valladolid, is inserted in Galicia, which already has a path to inner island between Ourense and Santiago.
  The historical genesis of the various pieces of the protagonists lines as well as the detailed description of the line facilities, geographical route, stations and infrastructure is reported. Special emphasis on the unique works of this line, the subject of several records at some point, as the Viaduct Martin Gil on Esla, Ulla viaduct or tunnel Padornelo done. Finally, draft versions, works and current status of the reformed Atlantic Eixo which overlaps the stretch of Santiago to A Coruña protagonist rail, and high-speed line parameters between Santiago and Ourense, with works from this city to Zamora and Medina del Campo


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Date of publication: 12/2014
Language: Spanish
Nº of pages: 370
Author: Pedro Pintado Quintana and Lluís Prieto Tur
Size: 22 X 20 X 1,8 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-937642-7-2


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