25.- El Ferrocarril madrid-Ciudad Real-Badajoz
Historia del primer acceso ferroviario a Portugal

  History and description of the first rail access to Portugal. Its seven chapters deal with early drafts of the railways in Portugal, Spain and wishes initial connection, the primitive streak of Ciudad Real to the border line Renfe de Madrid, Ciudad Real, Badajoz, the description of the line, their stations, rolling stock, engine and towing, operation, other lines in the orbit of the described data and several annexes.
  The course examines various aspects of the general line, such as the description and changes over time of multiple rail links to Madrid for its south, railway crossing or arise from the main line, where the mining branch Almorchón to Belmez or branches in Toledo, the Toledo branch Bargas and lime kiln line and huts to Villanueva de La Serena related to D. Jose Calabrús.
  As for the line itself, much of the book proceeds step by step through their stations and sections, with extensive and very amusing explanations, with attention to the debacle that occurred in the line of the construction of the AVE to Seville.

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Date of publication: 2008
Language: Spanish
Nº of pages: 312
Author: Juan Pedro Esteve García
Size: 27 X 21 X 2 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-931318-6-9


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