28.- Tranvías y Funiculares de El Escorial
La sociedad Abantos S.A., proyectos y realizaciones
El funicular de cuelgamuros (Valle de los caídos)

  Second book from Javier Aguado Martín in monffcc.com after 26.-The Railroad Villalba-Berrocal, in 2005. This volume deals with all mechanized transport in the area of El Escorial and Valle de Los Caídos.

  After a brief history of El Escorial and San Lorenzo, discussing the history of the tram line between the NORTE train station at El Escorial, to Fuente de la Teja, and the funicular from El Escorial, through the various stages of history and especially in the time of the company Abantos SA

  A brief technical guidance on the cable cars give rise to the chapters of that funicular of El Escorial, and Cuelgamuros currently active on the premises of the Valle de Los Caídos.

  Volume is completed with the description of other projects that were unsuccessful end in the area, as several lines of steam and electric trams, railways and even a trolley line.

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Price: 24.00 €.
Date of publication: 07/2010
Language: Spanish
Nº of pages: 144
Authors: Javier Aguado Martín
Size: 27 X 21 X 2 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-937642-0-3


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