22.- Locomotoras Diesel (V)
Las Francesas de vía estrecha (1ª parte)
MOP/Feve 1100 (Creusot/Naval) y 1200 (Batignolles/Caf).

  The fifth and sixth volume of the work of "Locomotives Diesel" talk about to the French locomotives in the Iberian narrow-gauge railroads. It is a question of a pause in the study that we have realized in the previous four volumes that we have dedicated to the evolution of the locomotives diesel in Renfe. Two are the aspects that can be call us the attention in the topic that occupies us: The first one, the bet for renewing the traction in the networks of narrow rail and the second one, the attempt of constructing part of the locomotives in some of the principal national factories of railway material. In these aspects, the Department of Public Works (MOP) that directed the operation, the dieselización was advanced some years in Renfe. But the results neither were spectacular nor offered the possibility of a wide development in the construction of other series, inclusive for Renfe, so this one prefered to the North American builders, as we have detailed in the previous volumes of the work. In addition, the economic situation of the fifties and sixties of last century represented the closing of a great number of lines of narrow rail and the reorganization of the state network of Exploitation for the State (EFE), later FEVE.
  Three were the series of French locomotives in the lines of narrow rail, but only one of these, it designed by the company Alsthom, it turned out to be the most efficient. Other two select types, the model of the house Batignolles and that of the house Creusot they had a few more discreet enough results, and at the end of the eighties it can be said that already they were finding most of his isolated or dressed workforce. On the other hand, the locomotives Alsthom, more numerous, were widely used in many of the Spanish lines of metric route.
  The present work has represented a long effort due to the dispersion of files, and overcoat, to the different lines and transfers to which these locomotives were submitted. Owed, also, to the extension of the text it has been necessary to divide it in two parts, first this one on the Batignolles and the Creusot, and later other one dedicated only to the locomotives Alsthom of the series MOP/Feve 1000 and the later generation, the series Feve 1.600 and 1.650.

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